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Family Takes in Kitten from a Field, 24 Hours Later They End Up with 2 More Cats from an Attic and a Shed

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A family took in a kitten from a field, but 24 hours later, they ended up with two more cats from an attic and a shed.

cute tuxedo kitten


About 1.5 months ago, a cream tabby kitten was discovered in a field all alone. The finders had heard her cries for help overnight but couldn't locate her until the next day.

She was covered in ants, dehydrated, very hungry, and in need of a foster home. Andrea Christian, with the support of St Francis Society Animal Rescue, took her in and got right to work.

The kitten, named Oodelally, had some tummy trouble, a wound and several ant bites. She was a voracious eater, guzzling down the whole bottle of formula in one sitting.

sleeping ginger cream kitten


About 12 hours later, another kitten, around the same age as Oodelally, arrived in Andrea's home.

Crumble, a calico, had been living in an attic with her cat mother and littermates until the mom moved her babies and left her behind.

tiny kittens snuggling

Crumble and OodelallyAndreaChristian

For two days, she cried in the attic with no mom to turn to. She was eventually taken to the shelter, awaiting foster care. Andrea welcomed her in and paired her up with the cream kitten.

Just when she thought that would be all, in came a third kitten who needed help.

three kittens nest


A tiny tuxedo crawled out from under a shed and into a family's backyard. "(The residents) put him in a box, hoping his momma would come back. They never saw a momma cat and didn't know how he got there," Andrea told Love Meow.

The kitten, Rorschach, was just pint-sized but had a voice that could fill the room. He screamed at the top of his lungs at feeding time.

tuxedo chatty kitten

Rorschach has a big voiceAndreaChristian

"Each of them had some struggles but after about two weeks, I knew they would be okay."

Rorschach explored around the place with pep in his step. He even snuck out of his room into the vast expanse of the house. What he lacked in size, he made up for in personality and vocal ability.

tuxedo kitten rorschach