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Cat Born By Mistake Is Raising His Eyebrows In Surprise (VIDEO)

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Many times it happens that cats unexpectedly become pregnant, and their owners may not be prepared or willing to handle it. As a result, many of them choose to get rid of the kittens since they didn’t plan or prepare for their arrival.

Similarly, Henry and his siblings were abandoned when they were less than a month old. Thankfully, their owners made the right choice and surrendered them to a shelter instead of abandoning them somewhere else.

Although Henry’s arrival was unexpected, fate brought him to Megan’s attention.

Meet Henry, The Cat That’s Raising His Eyebrows At His Destiny

Megan was actively searching to adopt a cat when she came across Henry. Both of Henry’s parents are Turkish Van cats, and his birth was a complete surprise.

When Megan began her search for a furry friend, she knew she wanted to adopt a rescue cat. And when she met Henry, they instantly bonded.

“We bonded instantly. It was a perfect match. He’s an angel.”

Coming from a family that previously owned dogs, having a pet cat was a new and exciting experience for Megan. She watched numerous videos and educated herself to ensure she was well-prepared to care for a cat.


“He’s very quirky, very clumsy for a cat. He’s not very good at jumping, not very agile.”

Henry is also quite shy and has a funny way of chewing, as you can see in this video: